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The Quenching Mod is a graphic enhance module of Warcarft III Reforged.

The Quenching Mod was originally founded by Zorrot, Jixed and Keno as a passionate project.

After a year of development, the quenching mod has become a more mature project

Now Quenching Mod is support the classic graphic, but only in warcraft v1.32


Reworked most of the major shades to present a brand new graphic style.

Reworked most of the terrain textures.

Redirect art style of the game changed art direction of some melee themes.

Include a showcase campaign series with 6 chapters, and possibility to load more custom Campaigns in the future.

Include hero-skin system and war-band system, which mainly serves melee games.

Have more UI options, we might also make UI skins later.

In addition, you won’t get banned using this mod, it's totally about graphic.


For some GPU like Intel or AMD may have error when playing

Please find in QMclient [general] - [advance shader] - off

If you setup Manually please go to [war3 root] - [retail] - [shaders] - change name to [shaders-dis]


The client is designed to run in Windows 10

If it working incorrect please install .net framework 4.7.2

For Mac/Linux you may use Parallels or Manual setup

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